Recipes to Remember Cookbook

With a desire to perpetuate Sonya’s memory, compiling a cookbook seemed to be a proper tribute for she had extraordinary culinary talents.  I am honored to be a part of this wonderful undertaking, especially since Sonya had shared so many of her great recipes over the years with family, friends and neighbors.

Word went out to family and friends and recipes started coming in, many of them in Sonya’s own lovely handwriting.  We received recipes from people who never knew Sonya, but wanted to contribute.  Many people shared memories of Sonya, a few of which we are sharing here.
We also wish to thank all who contributed recipes and everyone at Cookbook Publishers, Inc. for their professionalism and eagerness to help us attain our goal.

Sonya, may her memory be eternal.

Nadine Wozniak

In loving memory of Sonya the Foundation has created the “Recipes to Remember” cookbook.   This book of recipes collected from Sonya’s family and friends is dedicated to her with love.

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Elaine Shivell: “When Sonya had a new recipe we would enthusiastically get a phone call.  She was more than willing to share them with all.  Sonya loved parties and really got into them 100%.  Presentation was always to perfection.  Sonya loved buying gifts for people.  And ever more exquisite than the gift was the wrapping”.

Jeanne Pastore: “Over the past 30+ years, Sonya and I were neighbors and good friends.  I lived behind them and she and Dick called me their “Pain‐in‐the‐Rear” – affectionately of course!!  Sonya was always trying new recipes and sharing the good ones”.

Jeanne Pastore: “Sonya and I were raised in the same part of town…the First Ward, and we both had fathers who liked to collect, save, fix and stockpile.  They were the original” recyclers” of their time.  It made for some great stories and head‐shaking and eye rolls between us”.

Jan Pandich: Sonya was a bridesmaid in my wedding 45 years ago.  We even worked together for a while.  She was such a wonderful person and I really enjoyed her friendship.  She was an amazing shopper.  She would go back to the store several times until the item she wanted was marked down as low as possible.  During my wedding, she was pregnant with her first child and passed out behind me while I was at the alter.  I didn’t find this out until later in the day”.

Gina Hay: “My husband, Pat, and I were neighbors of Dick and Sonya for 30 years.  Sonya always had a smile on her face and a kind word to say”.

Judy Walsh: “We neighbors will miss Sonya very much and know that Dick will appreciate this cookbook”

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You may purchase the “Recipes to Remember” cookbook for only $12.00, plus $2.00 postage and packing per book ordered.  Please make checks payable to: S.A.S. Foundation for Cancer Research.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy Contact Us or mail your request to:

Mary Ann Hrywnak, President and CEO
S.A.S. Foundation for Cancer Research
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